Aluminum Extrusions & Downstream Manufacturing

It’s a simple idea. When you manufacture a component using custom aluminum extrusions, fewer process stages and, consequently, significantly lower production times are needed to make a finished part.

Partnering with overseas firms for contract manufacturing of finished aluminum components has become an increasingly less viable option. Time is money. As such, time is alsocnc-machiningan opportunity. OEMs and systems integrators have discovered that it’s less expensive and more productive to source products throughstrategic regional manufacturing partnerships. The improved quality and speed to market gained through localized collaboration easily wins when you measure the bottom line.

While the costs of certain off-shore imports rise, Vitex Extrusion continues to expand its in-house downstream manufacturing capabilities to provide quick turnaround for custom components and complete product assemblies. From extrusion through machining and fabrication processing, assembly and custom packaging, our customers have more command over changes in design and manufacturing scalability for their aluminum component manufacturing requirements.

Manufacturing Synergy in Action

Supply Chain Solutions

The dynamic scalability of Vitex’s Integrated Aluminum Manufacturing Solutions enabled one customer to move from a start-up operation to producing 100,000 units per week in just 60 days. Our customers’ new business opportunities are better fulfilled when their product deliveries keep pace with customer demand and inventory requirements.

Vitex customers take advantage of an integrated aluminum extrusion-fabrication plant geared toward nimble and flexible production capability. This means that sudden design changes or spikes in volume demand are met with a confident ability to work out a mutually acceptable manufacturing commitment.

Whether you need prototyping, full production or direct supply chain integration,contact ustoday to learn how our advanced manufacturing operations can benefit you.